Trouble Shooting Tips

Is your domain resolving? 
It may be your ISP.  You can check this by using:

A proxy: and Megaproxy.
Or doing a Traceroute from other computers using Multiple Traceroute
(I like to use USA, AZ, Phoenix, GetNet - ISP via MCI CAIS)

Is your IP blocked?
Due to some network attacks we have installed a firewall on all servers. It will block IPs which syn-floods or port scans. It will also block your IP if you have a lot of failed logons. If everyone in your office use the same IP and a lot of your users have some failed logon then your IP could be blocked.

To get your IP unblocked then send in your IP address and ask us to unblock it. You can find out what your IP is by going to

Email address issues:
You must use the total email address as the user name.

Main Official Name Servers

Note to COX CABLE users: Cox has changed how they send out email. They had to make the changes to conform with AOL.  If you use Cox you will need to click here and go to the table under #9 and determine your outgoing SMTP address.  You will keep your POP / incoming server the same as it is now' "".
It is very important that we have your off network email address. If there is a network problem they we need to contact you about we will need to use an email address that is not on server. You can update your email address at the top of the cpanel.

You are welcome to submit a support request to our support staff 24/7 365 days a year.

To Submit a Support Request Click Here